The WOKE MOB is coming for our beloved American holiday. Not on our watch.



AT&T is a company that has heavily invested in lobbying and campaign finance in Texas. They are a fixture at the state capitol and can be relied upon to write large checks from its Political Action Committee to candidates and officeholders on all sides of the political spectrum. With Republicans dominating Texas politics, GOP leaders have been the biggest beneficiaries of AT&T’s largesse. The telecom giant’s influence over the legislative and electoral process is significant. However, a peak behind the curtain reveals a company engaging in some of the most destructive and divisive elements of the American Left’s political and cultural agenda. For example, AT&T forced its employees to take a “re-education” training rooted in Critical Race Theory to better understand how “whiteness” contributes to modern-day slavery. The “21-Day Racial Equity Habit Challenge” was chalk full of lessons on whiteness, claiming “white supremacy” is baked into our country’s foundation and that “whiteness is one of the biggest and most long-running scams ever perpetrated.” The so-called “Challenge” claims that white people are inherently racist and even white toddlers should be subjected to anti-racism training to combat their natural proclivity towards such evil.

American Airlines

American Airlines is sadly a leader in promoting woke identity politics as the company has outright declared that they “absolutely” consider skin color and sex when hiring pilots, which has earned them a 20 years running place of favor with the woke Human Rights Campaign Foundation that pushes their inclusion index. AA even permits BLM and LGBTQ lapel pins for official staff uniforms. And while BLM has expressed a robust political agenda that would radically change our nation, AA argues, “Fundamentally, Black Lives Matter is an expression of equality. It doesn’t mean other lives don’t matter, rather that in our society black lives should matter and be valued the same as others. That’s not political.” Anyone contending that BLM is “not political” is not operating from a place of intellectual honesty. Also hypocritically, American Airlines is mum on the requirement to show a government-issued ID card to board their planes, yet they participate in campaigns that attack Texas’ popular voter ID law requiring the same to participate in our elections.

Dallas Mavericks

In 2021, the Dallas Mavericks became the first NBA team who officially ceased playing our national anthem before home games at the direction of the team’s owner, Mark Cuban. The NBA rulebook requires players to stand for the national anthem but NBA Commissioner Adam Silver refuses to enforce that rule, and even permits the disrespectful kneeling that some professional athletes have taken to virtue signaling their “unity.” Cuban offered no comment towards his decision to remove the tradition of playing the anthem before games initially, but months later expressed his full support for players making divisive “personal expressions” during the song that is supposed to unite us as Americans, instead of divide us – The Mavs have sold out, not their season tickets, rather their credibility as a community icon — all in the name of woke identity politics. The sports franchise also promotes their social justice Mavs Take ACTION! plan launched in 2020 to “address racial inequities and promote social justice in the North Texas community.” Since going woke, it’s been nothing but net (losses) for Cuban ever since. The team’s operating income cap of 105 million dollars, in the 2018-2019 season, plummeted each consecutive year into now HALF — landing at just 55 million dollars for the 2020-2021 season’s organizational operating income. Most recently, the Dallas Mavericks organization has been very vocal about their anti-gun, pro-choice stances. Across social media platforms they promoted left-wing gun laws propaganda, defended abortion, and bashed the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe V. Wade saying the ruling: “ “…marks the first time in the history of the United States that the Supreme Court has taken away a Constitutional Right.”

Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus should stick to tomorrow’s fashion trends instead of wearing yesteryear’s woke looks loud and proud. NM is incessantly woke with far-reaching corporate policies, press releases, and inclusivity training sessions for employees. Neiman Marcus singles out the LGBTQ community for job recruitment as well as “enhanced” corporate benefits including an insurance plan that explicitly affirms “equal health coverage for transgender individuals without caps or exclusions for medically necessary care, including transition-related treatment such as genital surgeries, hormone therapy, and mental health counseling.” Their staff (and consumers) are forced to comply to “supportive restroom” policies, additional associate trainings with courses aimed at ensuring staff are properly brainwashed into tolerating said policies, and non-discrimination code of ethics policies that promote gender theory. NM levies their economic influence, along with their partnerships with Human Rights Campaign, The Trevor Project, and True Colors United, over politicians who are willing to overlook, or just plain ignore, their wokeness. Meanwhile Neiman Marcus looks to gain even more woke favor by upping their ESG score with their newly launched plan metrics to do away with fur products by 2023, procure 100% renewable energy by 2030, and focus on attracting and developing BIPOC talent — with the intention of “equalizing” and not leaving anyone out. Well, just leaving the “right” people out.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines is the big-hearted hypocrite when it comes to politicizing their corporate messaging as well as targeting the expression of their staff’s political views. They openly allow statements put out by their crews aligning with BLM, but recently made news targeting a senior flight crew member of 20+ years for his LGB verbalization. SW Air also became famous for their posturing of mask mandate enforcement and vaccine layoffs while violating its own policies for a 50-year anniversary celebration in Arlington, TX. The airline broke cancellation records and made the news in October 2021 when it grounded near 1,800 flights last minute due to “weather and staffing” that serendipitously occurred during the media-silent protest of Southwest’s employees of the Biden administration’s federal vaccine mandate. Southwest is a classic example of corporate stakeholder pandering as they routinely nose dive into promoting their DEI trainings and reporting, while vying for the captain position of the ESG cronies team.

Nexstar Media

Nexstar Media, self-declared the largest local television broadcaster in the country, claims to have “remained true” to its founding beliefs heralded from Scranton, PA. But really they’ve just adopted policy after policy of woke media propaganda and ethics that push Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion — which we all know is discriminatory at best, and segregating in fact. Its endeavors to achieve favorable ESG status make a deceiving argument towards investor-focused accountability, however, a quick look at its DEI policies reveal its true colors which are the becoming the gold standard for woke identity politics and the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. Nexstar also frequently releases articles that are left-wing promotional of LGBTQ+ agenda targeting kids. Example: “Hide the Pride” anti-LGBTQ library campaign.

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