It is no secret that companies have gone Woke. Instead of focussing on providing the best products and/or services to their customers, Woke Corps have instead focused on virtue signaling. 

In response, Conservatives have rallied behind a simple rallying call, “Go Woke, Go Broke.” Originally a term used to mock Woke Hollywood films that inevitably flopped at the box office, “Go Woke, Go Broke” has evolved into a rallying cry by Mission: DFW and other like minded Conservatives to target and fight back against Woke Corps.

If recent data is to be believed, many high profile Woke Corps are losing customers and money, proving that going woke is leading them to go broke.

The most famous example right now is Disney. After slamming the Florida Parents Rights in Education Act and adding a gay kiss to their first theatrical Pixar movie since the pandemic, Lightyear, Disney has shown signs of trouble. 

Lightyear bombed at the box office and didn’t do much better on Disney+. Speaking of Disney+, it was found that their domestic subscriber count growth collapsed in one quarter. It still grew internationally though, where Disney is known to censor their movies for those audiences. 

While a slowdown in growth doesn’t sound too bad, this will raise alarm bells on Wall Street. Take Netflix for example, who had a slowdown in growth before shedding subscribers. Things have gotten so bad, that Netflix has even declared to their employees that Netflix’s woke days are over.

In Texas, the results of going woke are even more apparent.

Take AT&T, the Dallas-based company has had many woke instances over this past year from telling white employees they are the problem to paying for their employees’ travel costs for abortion

The result? AT&T lost 25,000 subscribers in Q2. When you look even deeper, you will find that while AT&T gained 316,000 fiber subscribers, which are in more liberal urban areas, AT&T lost 341,000 non-fiber customers, which are in low-income and/or rural areas.

Another example is Fort Worth based American Airlines. American Airlines has repeatedly criticized the Lone Star State for our abortion and election integrity laws. 

The result? A cut of 2% of all September flights, a 4.6% cut of all October flights, and a staggering 16% cut in November flights, all due to an exponential decline in demand.

While Disney has shown a slowdown in growth, AT&T and American Airlines are showing signs of something far more dangerous for them: a decline in demand.

Customers from all over the country are beginning to speak up with our dollars. They do not want Woke Corps, and they are beginning to say with one voice that if you go broke, you can guarantee that you will go broke.