It’s no secret that when companies go woke, they are not doing it because they firmly stand behind the leftist values they espouse. In fact, if some of their recent political contributions are anything to go by, companies such as AT&T, Amazon, and Disney have proven when companies go woke, it is because they don’t fear punishment from policymakers or going broke if they do.

It is no secret that the left can be vicious when a company doesn’t follow their standards. Take Disney. The left heavily bullied them for their silence on the Florida Parental Rights in Education Act (known to the left as the “don’t say gay bill”) until they spoke up against it and pathetically even apologized for their initial silence when, of course, silence was the right thing to do for a major public company with a national brand and reputation.

While Disney had to be bullied to go woke, AT&T has proven it is willing to be proactively woke to prevent any Twitter shaming campaigns of the left before they can begin. For example, AT&T vowed to pay their employees’ travel costs to cross state lines and have an abortion. In Texas, this is the legal equivalent of aiding and abetting a murder.

While abortion advocates may be delighted AT&T would take such an action, they should look beneath the surface. This is not an action taken for ideological reasons. In fact, AT&T made significant donations to each of the Republican “big three” – Governor Abbott, Lt Governor Patrick, and Speaker Phelan – after they each played a significant role in passing the Texas Heartbeat Act, which has saved approximately 75 babies every day since taking effect on September 1, 2021 (approximately 25,050 lives as of August 1, 2022). Even moreso, as of August 1, AT&T has not given a penny to proud pro-abortion candidate Beto O’Rourke. True believers? No. Woke pandering and virtue-signaling? Yes.

The simple truth is the “abortion travel” policy was likely instituted because AT&T fears what the left will do if they don’t make a public stand in favor of aborting children. For these weak-kneed corporations, it’s easier to play the Left’s game than it is to suffer a few days of mean tweets while the left has its temper tantrum.

In essence, AT&T has vowed to aid and abbed in murder, a serious crime under Texas, all out of fear of the left alone. If AT&T really believed in the supposed “woman’s right to choose” murder, then Beto O’Rourke would have gotten the $100,000 Abbott got from them. If corporations are to operate out of fear, then they need to be scared straight by the vast majority of this country who is tired of the cowardice and acquiescence of corporate America to the left.

It is time the Right stands up and fights back against woke corps like AT&T. If a company goes woke, then they should go broke.

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